The WrenchTech Garage™
Hooptie Fleet

So imagine that you are given a budget of $60,000 dollars and told that you must spend the money on a vehicle, or vehicles, of your choice. Would you buy a well optioned truck or SUV, or a sports car or luxury vehicle? Or would you consider looking at slightly older vehicles if it meant that you could have more than one. Now things are getting interesting! A car for road trips. A car for winter. A trail-worthy 4 x 4. A truck for towing your trail-worthy 4 x 4. And of course once you have a truck and trailer you will start to see automotive bargains that you will now be able to grab off craigslist because you have a truck and a car trailer.

If what I have said so far makes sense to you, welcome, this website has been designed for you.

Half a Dozen Awesome Vehicles for the Price
a Well Optioned Diesel Crew Cab Pickup !

Pictured below are vehicles that I am interested in having in the WrenchTech Garage™ fleet. To read my reasons for each selection and comments on the strengths and weaknesses of the vehicle,  click on that vehicle’s  picture.