I Feel a Sandblaster Project Coming On

March 24, 2018 - by Matty D

March 24, 2018 - by Matty D

Pictured above is an abrasive blaster that sells for about $600 at Northern Tool (and about a million other places). I have a 40 pound propane tank and a set of wheels that would give me a good head start on the materials that I need to make my own version. Some parts that I would need to buy would include a deadman valve/blast gun/nozzle holder, some blast hose, assorted pipe fittings and valves, a water separator, and a pressure relief valve.

Blast hose is the most expensive item, running about $10 a foot. A deadman style blast gun would run about $55. I figure I might have $250 or $300 into the entire project by the time I’m done. In any case, after calling around to get some prices for sandblasting services, I can see that this thing will pay for itself in no time.


A DIY Stand And Holder For Axle Housing Work

march 23, 2018 - by Matty D

There is no sense in struggling with big awkward items like axle housings when it’s fairly easy to make tool or a jig to do the job. I wanted something to hold these housings while I clean them up and paint them. I had a pair of old style short Toyota truck axles that I had been planning to make into some kind of stands that looked perfect for this job. I bolted them to a pair of wheels and then realized that I needed some extensions to make them taller. I also wanted to create some saddles for the housing to rest on, and of course, some way to attach the housing so I could lock it down in different positions while I am working. I also want to be able to cover the axle housing openings so that I don’t get grit and debris inside.

I think I made a solution that meets my needs. I used mainly scrap metal and junk auto parts so it only cost me about $8. In a world where everything is getting pretty spendy I am pretty pleased with the results and the ultra low cost.

If you keep following my posts you will see that I am all about getting maximum fun for minimum dollars. An idea that I put that idea into practice at every chance.