Life is Good Over Here


I am a one man engine of enterprise, a mechanic, machinist, carpenter, plumber, electrician,  builder of useful structures, truck driver, equipment operator, website wrangler, content creator, always learning autodidact, conspiracy theorist and, hopefully, maker of my own destiny. I am Matty D


Any day that I’m working in my shop is a good day, but it hasn’t always been easy to keep up a good set of tools, carve out a space to work and make time for any serious projects. They say that necessity is the mother of invention. I like to think that necessity has been my teacher and that I have been a good student and reaped the rewards that come from having to make the best of a difficult situation with limited means.


Because the bad old days of having to take out a mortgage to buy tools, and to figure stuff out purely on your own are over. We live in an information age. Reinventing the wheel is now just for people who are into wheels. People who want to have tools, use them properly and produce good projects can now get information and expert advice.

As a lifelong maker, I was meant to live in a house built with my own hands. A modest structure, yet well suited to the task of sheltering me, the dog Barkley, and the two cats, Zoe and Blackie. The first floor is given over completely to woodworking tools and machinery. The second floor is a living space and an office which acts as the headquarters for WrenchTech, which is in some way or another a device to enable me to buy tools and put those tools to work making stuff. Ultimately though, no enterprise can succeed without providing some benefit for others. To that end my mission is to entertain, inspire and to share the traditions and ways of shopcraft.


do-right man