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Toyota 4x4
Matty D

My Thirty Years of Toyota 4×4 Ownership

WTG Blog 31 Years of Toyota 4×4 Ownership June 19, 2018 – by Matty D I have owned one Toyota truck or another continuously since 1987 and I am looking forward to owning many more, including FJ60 and FJ80 Landcruisers and the newer 4runners. Here is a rundown on what I have owned so far:

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shop-made tools

Toyota Belt Tensioning Tool: Made in the Wrenchtech Garage

WTG Blog June 17, 2018 – by Matty D If there is anything that I like better than using tools, it is making tools. Even the simplest tool, thrown together in a few minutes, gives me great satisfaction. I felt that satisfaction again today as I used my homemade belt tensioning tool to help me

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shop work

I Feel a Sandblaster Project Coming On

WTG Blog Sandblaster Project March 24, 2018 – by Matty D March 24, 2018 – by Matty D Pictured above is an abrasive blaster that sells for about $600 at Northern Tool (and about a million other places). I have a 40 pound propane tank and a set of wheels that would give me a

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Featured Projects

Featured Project
Matty D

1993 Toyota Xtra Cab, 4×4 Project

WTG Blog 1993 Toyota 4 x 4 Pickup Project September 25, 2018 – by Matty D A Little Background This is a Wisconsin truck that I picked up with only 115,000 miles on the odometer and a blown engine (the infamous 3VZE, 3.0l V6). A rod broke and punched a hole in the side of the block right behind the A/C compressor. The truck has the DLX trim package and a 5-speed manual transmission. It looks good in this picture but it has rust as you would expect from a 24 year old truck that has spent its entire life in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. The body needs attention around the driver’s side cab

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